Lison's birth story

Updated: May 11, 2020

VBAC, I wished it, I did it

I really wanted to write this story and share it with you for several reasons. First or all, because I think it is a beautiful short story worth to be shared but also because lots of you asked me to write it and wanted more details, VBAC are specials and I know a lot of women out there dream about a vaginal birth after experiencing a c-section. Cesarean aren’t funny at all, I hated mine, I was so drugged for 24 hours I barely remember the first moments with Ambre and the next few days and weeks were painful either physically and emotionally, I found super hard to cope with the idea I didn’t let my daughter come to the world naturally and now that I had a vaginal birth with Lison I know my body would have done the same amazing job the first time, I should have trusted myself a bit more and listen less to all the doctors telling me I will bleed the death.