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Ambre's new bedroom reveal

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

I am beyond excited to finally share with you Ambre's new bedroom reveal, I have been working on her room for two months now and it is exactly how I always wanted it.

Since she was born her room has changed over and over, as I couldn't find something I really liked but few ago, when we came back from France after being away for two months and a half I realised I was sick of all that pink in her nursery, found her white drawer ugly and wanted to get rid of that rose gold cot, which is sublime by the way but not really my cup of tea after all, not to mention that Ambre found out it was making loud noise when she was knocking on it. It was time to start everything again and really think about what I really wanted.

I slowly started to grab some inspo and photos from instagram and pinterest. As you all know I studied and worked as an interior designer until I had Ambre so it was the best feeling to do what I do best : a beautiful moodboard with everything I wanted, and the result was stunning, just perfect.

I call it the Boho Minimalist style inspired by bohemian vibes and nature with natural and hearthy tones, the only pink thing I kept was the canopy from Verde Baby because I absolutely love that one and didn't want to get rid of it, and well, a girl room always need a tiny bit of pink.

I changed the rattan mirror I bough from Spotlight, and I picked a absolutely beautiful piece from the Dutch Warehouse. The rattan horse from My Darling Valentine was just the perfect fit as well as the Olli Ella rattan strolley pram from Little French Heart.

I got rid of the rose gold Incy cot and the white drawer (thanks Gumtree) and went for something more minimalist and natural, I wanted wood, I am an absolute wood lover, I think it is just so important to bring touches of wood in your house, it gives such a warmer and cosy feeling.

So I ended up chosing two pieces from IKEA, the SNIGLAR cot with the fiting mattress and the TARVA Chest of 6 drawers ( I kept it natural but you can stain, paint or wax it just as you like to create a personally designed chest of drawers ). This one is just the good height and width to put a changing basket on top like the one we use from Olli Ella, I think I bough mine from Leo and Bella, there is way enough storage and room to put all Ambre's bodysuits, pyjamas, pants, shorts, bloomers, t-shirts, swaddles, fitted sheets, all her hair accessories (and omg she has million of them) as well as an entire drawer at the top under the changing basket for her nappies, creams, lotions, wipes, all the baby essentials to make it short.

Another important point was that I wanted to add plants in her room as I read tones of good things. Using plants in the home not only makes a space look great, but they perform some other fantastic environmental roles including cleaning the air of toxic Volatile organic compounds (that can have compounding long-term health effects) and positively influencing individual’s mental state. So using plants in your new baby nursery or children’s room can have a great positive impact on their future development.

Other new pieces I picked were the absolute divine Mahala Gold Orange geometric traditional rug from The rug Lady which brings a pinch of colour and a perfect vintage style.

You also might have noticed that piece that everyone dreams about and so hard to get your hands on, the divine Follow the rainbow wall hanging from OYOY, I got mine from My Darling Valentine.

I forgot to mention that I changed the shelves as well, the previous one were cheap one and I really wanted to get rid of them and put wooden one instead. I actually build those wooden shelves, I just bought a pine board, long enough to make to shelves ( one long one and a smaller one ) and pine brackets to support the boards

As an interior designer I always have so much fun changing things around the house and her room might change again, who knows, but I love it how it is now and I guess the next big change will be to switch her cot with a big girl bed next year.

Where to find the different pieces you see here ?


• Ikea SNIGLAR cot

• Ikea TARVA chest of drawers

Mahala traditional rug

• Handmade shelves with pine board and pine brackets

• Rattan star mirror

• Wicker changing basket

• The rattan kid chair, side table, magazine rack and rattan shelve are all vintage finds. Check out those pages to find similar And what she found, La petite brocante,

Wicker and cane, Daisy Vintage finds, Off to wander


• Cot sheets, natural stripes & clay

• Linen personalized pillow case

• Garden floral swaddle

• Pink bunny

• Big white bunny

• Spinkie Baby magnolia canopy

• Lollipop baby camera

• Mum and baby camels

Decor and essentials

• Moon phase wall hanging similar

• Little belle nightlight

• Rainbow wall hanging

• Butterfly coasters, vintage find

• Seagrass sorting baskets, vintage finds

• Fake fern

• Smilling cloud musical box

• Wooden rainbow waterfall

• Doll peacock chair, vintage find

• Wooden brush and comb set

• Moisturising body lotion

• Essential oils, massage oil and bottom balm

• Little straw Ladies, vintage find

• Follow the Rainbow wall hanging

• Wicker and rattan baskets, vintage finds

• Doll chairs, vintage finds

• Wooden rainbow frame, handmade

• Macrame wall hanging, handmade

Toys and dolls

• Rattan rocking horse

• Miniland doll

• Doll clothes

• Natural stacking toy

• Knitted koala with romper • Big dolls on the shelve

• Maileg mice and rabbit

• Dolls on the rocking horse, long haired one, rabbit, mermaid

• Ride on stick horse, vintage find

• Wooden Architect set

Rainbow and whale on shelve

• Wooden stacking blocks

• Personalized name blocks and rainbow

• Wooden girl set with pram

Giant whale plush


• Wooden stacking rings

• Wooden personalized ring stacker

• Wooden shape sorter

• Wooden stacking rainbow

• Wooden rock blocks

• Trio of drums

• Wooden musical instruments (tambourine, egg shakers and maracas)

• Rattan music shaker

• Rattan strolley pram

Thanks for reading, we hope you liked it and it will give you some inspiration for your little one's nursery. Can't wait to share the next blog post on Ambre's Ikea kitchen hack.



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