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Bedroom make over

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

This is definitely not the last time Ambre's room changes, I always have new ideas and feel the need to change our living spaces all the time, not because I don't like what I've previously done but simply because I love change and need change to feel good, also my imagination and creativity is in constant working mode and I can't help myself it is stronger than me, it probably happens at night while I am sleeping because I often wake up with heaps of new ideas everyday. And creative people will join me on that point, if you don't make your projects real then you feel super frustrated.

Anyway, Rocky Mountain Decals contacted me few months back and asked me if I wanted to work with them on one of their beautiful wallpaper, I picked their new Madelyn one and it was the starting element to create a beautiful new space for Ambre.

To all the rattan lovers this space is for you !

Shop the look

Removable wallpaper - Rocky Mountain Decals SHOP HERE

Rug - The Rug Lady SHOP HERE

Rattan hanging shelf - Raja Homewares SHOP HERE

Rattan mobile - The miniature treasury SHOP HERE

Eye rattan mirror - brought it back from Bali but Raja Homewares or Hello Trader have some beautiful one

Rattan rocker - My darling Valentine SHOP HERE

Cot - Ikea SHOP HERE

Trio rattan doll highchair, bassinet and wardrobe - Tiny Harlow SHOP HERE

Bedding - Pearly and Co SHOP HERE

Soft toy bear - Cuddle and Kind SHOP HERE

Soft toy whale - Smallable

Drawers - Ikea SHOP HERE

Rattan doll bed - My Darling Valentine SHOP HERE

Doll - Alimrose SHOP HERE

Sunset painting - Art Boheme SHOP HERE

Mushroom nightlight - Little Belle Light SHOP HERE

Soft Bunny and Mouse (Maileg) - Smallable SHOP HERE

Seagrass baskets - Vintage finds

Bunny on the shelf - Little Peach and Pip SHOP HERE

Rattan ladies on shelf - Vintage find

Fake fern and woven basket - Ikea SHOP HERE

Ceramic vases - Vintage finds

Rattan mirror - Seeya Collection SHOP HERE

Moon phases hanging decor - Squirrel House SHOP HERE

Changing basket - Olli Ella SHOP HERE

Swaddle in changing basket - Dusk til Dawn SHOP HERE

Camel head - Animal Head Emporium SHOP HERE

Baby essentials - Bubba Organic SHOP HERE, Tiny Tonic SHOP HERE, Dove and Dovelet SHOP HERE

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